amazon gaming layoff

Amazon’s Strategic Shift in the Gaming Industry Amidst Economic Changes

Key Takeaways

  • Amazon Games has eliminated over 180 roles, mainly impacting its video game division.
  • The layoffs include the entire Twitch service Crown Channel and the Game Growth division.
  • Amazon’s refocus is on Prime Gaming, providing subscribers with free games and in-game content.
  • Earlier in 2023, Amazon also laid off over 100 employees across various divisions and studios.

Understanding Amazon’s Recent Layoffs

Amazon’s recent decision to cut jobs in its gaming division reflects broader trends in the tech industry. These layoffs, totaling over 180 roles, signal a significant change in Amazon’s strategy. The move affects employees in its video game division, including the complete shutdown of the Crown Channel on Twitch and the Game Growth project​​​​​.


Prime Gaming: The New Focus

VP of Amazon Games, Christoph Hartmann, has revealed the company’s new direction towards Prime Gaming. This pivot aims to enhance the offerings for Amazon Prime subscribers, focusing on delivering high-quality gaming experiences​.


Support for Employees and Future Endeavors

Affected employees will receive severance and support as Amazon Games shifts its focus. Despite these cuts, Amazon remains committed to the gaming sector. Upcoming projects include partnerships with renowned developers like NCSoft and Bandai Namco, emphasizing a continued investment in the gaming industry​.


The Broader Picture and Economic Factors

The gaming industry is witnessing a wave of layoffs, and Amazon’s job cuts are part of this larger trend. These strategic realignments are a response to the current economic climate, with recession fears prompting companies to adopt cost-cutting measures​.


FAQs: Understanding the Impact and Future

What caused Amazon’s layoffs in the gaming division?

Economic factors and a strategic shift towards Prime Gaming influenced Amazon’s decision to lay off employees in its gaming division​.

Which divisions were most affected by the layoffs?

The layoffs primarily impacted the Twitch service Crown Channel and the Game Growth division​​​.

Will Amazon continue in the gaming industry after the layoffs?

Yes, Amazon Games will remain active in the gaming industry, focusing on publishing high-profile games and collaborations​.

Amazon’s Ongoing Projects and Collaborations

Amazon Games continues to work on projects like “Throne and Liberty” (NCSoft), “Blue Protocol” (Bandai Namco), and new projects in the “Tomb Raider” and “The Lord of the Rings” series. These endeavors indicate a strategic, yet focused, approach to gaming​.


Amazon’s layoffs in its gaming division mark a pivotal shift, reflecting economic realities and strategic reorientation. As Amazon narrows its focus to Prime Gaming and high-profile publishing projects, it remains a significant player in the gaming landscape.