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How Bungie Addresses Art Theft Accusations: A Transparent Response

Bungie, the renowned game development company, demonstrates its commitment to the creative community and takes intellectual property (IP) rights seriously. The recent concerns regarding art theft accusations related to Destiny 2 have prompted Bungie to provide a comprehensive and transparent response. This article aims to delve into the detailed account of Bungie’s policies, procedures, and actions taken to uphold the integrity of the game’s artwork.


Destiny 2, an immersive gaming experience renowned for its visually captivating elements, incorporates various art forms such as concept art, character designs, and in-game environments. Recognizing the significance of protecting originality within a project of this magnitude, Bungie has established a robust framework to prevent art theft.

Bungie’s Commitment to Original Artwork

Establishment of Strong Copyright Policies

Bungie has implemented stringent copyright policies to safeguard the originality and creativity of the artists’ work associated with Destiny 2. By granting exclusive rights to the original creators, Bungie ensures that all artwork created for the game is protected by copyright. This approach empowers artists and provides them with the necessary protection against unauthorized use or reproduction.

Proactive Monitoring and Detection

Bungie employs advanced technologies and diligent monitoring processes to detect any potential instances of art theft. This encompasses regular audits of content, both internal and user-generated, to maintain the highest standards of authenticity. A dedicated team actively investigates any reported cases of infringement to promptly address and rectify them.

Addressing Art Theft Accusations

Engaging with the Community

Recognizing the importance of maintaining open lines of communication with the passionate Destiny 2 community, Bungie actively engages in discussions on forums, social media platforms, and dedicated community channels. By fostering transparency, addressing concerns, and providing accurate information directly from the source, Bungie strives to maintain a strong connection with its player base.

Thorough Internal Investigation

Upon receiving art theft accusations, Bungie initiates a comprehensive internal investigation to determine the validity of the claims. The team at Bungie diligently examines the alleged instances of art theft, conducting meticulous comparisons between the original works and the accused reproductions. This rigorous process enables the evaluation of each case individually, facilitating appropriate action.

Collaboration with Artists

Bungie values positive relationships with artists, both within and beyond its organization. In response to the art theft accusations, Bungie proactively reaches out to the involved artists to gather additional information and gain deeper insights into their concerns. This collaborative approach proves instrumental in understanding the nuances of each case and finding mutually beneficial solutions.

Actions Taken

Immediate Removal of Infringing Content

Upon confirming instances of art theft, Bungie takes swift action to remove the unauthorized content from all platforms and channels. The commitment to maintaining a fair and ethical environment for artists and the community necessitates the showcasing and celebration of only original artwork.

Strengthening Security Measures

Bungie acknowledges the importance of continuously improving security measures to prevent future art theft. Consequently, the company implements enhanced protocols, including increased access controls and more frequent audits, to mitigate the risk of unauthorized use of artwork. This proactive approach demonstrates Bungie’s dedication to protecting the creative endeavors of its talented artists.

Education and Awareness Programs

In a bid to emphasize the importance of intellectual property rights and discourage art theft within the gaming community, Bungie actively develops education and awareness programs. These initiatives aim to educate aspiring artists, players, and content creators about copyright laws, ethical practices, and the value of originality.


Bungie remains steadfast in fostering a creative ecosystem that values original artwork and upholds intellectual property rights. Through its robust copyright policies, proactive monitoring, and swift actions, Bungie ensures that Destiny 2 continues to be a realm where artistic creativity thrives and is duly respected.