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Grounded’s New Update: Unleashing Creativity with Custom Backyards and Game Modes

The upcoming update for the game Grounded will introduce a comprehensive set of creative tools that will enable players to customize their backyards and create their own game modes.

The development team expressed their excitement about seeing the innovative creations that the community will be able to make using these tools.

Grounded, a survival game set in a vast world where players control tiny characters, is set to receive a significant update called “Make It and Break It” on November 13th.

This update introduces a new mode called Playgrounds, which allows players to create their custom game maps and modes.

The tools available in Playgrounds appear to closely resemble the ones used by the development team themselves, offering players a high level of creativity and customization options.

The upcoming update will introduce a range of tools and features, referred to as “gizmos and gadgets,” that will allow players to create mechanics for their custom game spaces in Grounded.

These mechanics include options such as spawning objects and generating sounds.

Additionally, the update will include a feature that makes it easier for players to save and share their creations with others.

This will enable the development of new gameplay modes, such as racing and arena battles, expanding the possibilities of the game.

Furthermore, the update will introduce new survival experiences that are closely related to the core gameplay of Grounded.

The purpose of the update was to enable players to prolong their playtime in Grounded, considering that the development team at Obsidian will eventually shift their focus to other projects.

In an interview with Xbox’s blog, game director Adam Brennecke expressed his enthusiasm for providing players with the opportunity to prolong the lifespan of the games they love.

He emphasized the importance of empowering the gaming community to explore and create using the available tools.

According to Brennecke, the main focus in developing version 1.0 of the game was to create an engaging narrative experience.

After that, the development team worked on improving the overall user experience by adding quality of life updates, introducing more variety, and incorporating new and exciting features.

As they continued working on the game, the team reached a stage where the backyard environment felt fully developed and complete, with all the desired content in place.

At this point, they decided that moving forward with the next step, whatever it may be, was the natural course of action.

Based on the information provided by Obsidian, it seems that the tools available in the game are highly versatile and comprehensive.

These tools include logic switches and similar features that can be used to design gameplay experiences.

Additionally, players will have the ability to interact with nearly every object found in the game world and there is no limit to the number of objects they can place.

This opens up exciting possibilities for players to create innovative and potentially game-changing new modes.

In fact, the developer, Brennecke, expressed his anticipation to see if players can create something that surpasses even their own experience with the game.

To read the complete interview with Adam Brennecke from Obsidian, you can visit the blog of Xbox.

If you are interested in participating in the playtest before the official release, you can find more information on Obsidian’s website.