Mastering Warlord’s Ruin: A Guide to Destiny 2 Blighted Wishing Glass

destiny 2 blighted wishing well

Embark on a gripping adventure in Destiny 2’s Warlord’s Ruin dungeon, a quest not just for the brave but for the tactically minded.

This dungeon is not just a playground for action but a chessboard requiring smart moves and precise strategies.

Destiny 2 Blighted Wishing Glass Key Takeaways

  • Starting the Dungeon: Head to Ikora Ray at the Tower and then to the EDZ.
  • Boss Encounters: Each boss in the dungeon requires a unique strategy and build.
  • Puzzle Solving: Engage in mind-bending puzzles involving gears and skeletons.
  • Navigating Mazes: Be wary of chest traps in mazes.
  • Final Boss Tactics: Manage debuffs and engage in a tactical game of tag.
  • Lore Quest: Multiple dungeon runs are needed for the lore quest and potential exotic rewards.

Embarking on the Quest

Your journey starts at Ikora Ray in the Tower, where you’ll snag the new Dungeon Quest. From there, it’s off to the EDZ to launch Warlord’s Ruin. The initial path is a scenic climb up a snowy peak, marked by red flags leading to a suspense-filled suspended bridge — your gateway to the first boss confrontation.

Navigating the Dungeon’s Challenges

Warlord’s Ruin’s unique appeal lies in its three distinct bosses, each with their quirks and dangers. Whether it’s the stomping wrath of one or the floating menace of another, each boss requires a different approach.

The First Boss: A Lesson in Tactics

The initial encounter serves as a primer in extending damage phases. You’ll be using iron lanterns dropped by the boss to break his immunity. Activating these lanterns involves a 15-second stand within a white circle — a simple yet critical mechanic. But beware, you might find yourself teleported to a prisoner’s cage, needing to shoot Taken eyes for freedom.

The Puzzle: A Mind Game

destiny 2 puzzle

Following your victory, a puzzle awaits. You’ll find skeletons in a jail pointing at numbers, guiding you to set gears in motion. The solution involves spinning gears clockwise or anti-clockwise based on the skeletons’ silent instructions.

The Maze and Second Boss: Strategy Amplified

Before facing the Locus of Wailing Grief, you’ll navigate a maze filled with both treasure and traps. Distinguishing real chests from decoys is key — look for a blue mist to avoid nasty surprises. The encounter with the Locus of Wailing Grief, a robust Taken ogre, requires managing a ‘Biting Cold’ debuff and strategically using fire orbs and pillars in the arena.

Conquering Henfd Vengeance Blighted Chimaera

The final boss demands a blend of previous mechanics with added complexity. You’ll engage in a deadly game of tag with immune Scorn enemies while managing debuffs and activating lanterns. The fight spans three floors, each with its own sequence of challenges, culminating in a dramatic last stand.

Completing the Lore Quest

For lore enthusiasts, the dungeon offers a quest requiring multiple runs to collect Ahamkara bones, crystals, and dark ether. It’s not just about the thrill of the hunt but also the chance to snag the exotic sidearm Buried Bloodline.


What’s the best strategy for the first boss in Warlord’s Ruin?

Utilize iron lanterns to break the boss’s immunity and be prepared for teleportation challenges. Close-quarters builds are effective here.

How do you solve the dungeon’s puzzle?

Observe skeletons pointing at numbers and spin gears in the jail accordingly.

What should I look out for in the dungeon mazes?

Identify real chests by watching for a blue mist; decoys will spawn Screebs.

What’s unique about the final boss, Henfd Vengeance?

This boss requires a combination of shooting Taken eyes, managing a tag game with Scorn enemies, and purifying lanterns.

How do I complete the lore quest in Warlord’s Ruin?

Run the dungeon multiple times, collecting Ahamkara bones, crystals, and dark ether for lore entries and the chance to get the Buried Bloodline exotic sidearm.

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