Genshin Impact 4.8 Summer Event: Leaked Characters

genshin impact 4.8 summer event

Genshin Impact’s highly anticipated 4.8 summer event promises an array of exciting additions, including the introduction of several new playable characters. Based on the recent leak, we will talk about the details of these upcoming characters and their potential impact on the game’s meta.

Leaked Characters

1. Heizou (Anemo)

Source: Reddit

A young detective from the Tenryou Commission, Heizou wields a catalyst and commands the power of the Anemo element. His unique playstyle incorporates swift dashes and wind-infused attacks, granting him exceptional mobility and crowd control capabilities.

2. Shikanoin Heizou (Pyro)


A mysterious individual claiming to be Heizou from a parallel universe, Shikanoin Heizou is an enigmatic pyro user. His abilities revolve around summoning fiery blades that can pierce through enemies and explode with devastating impact.

3. Lyney (Hydro)

lyney hydro

A charismatic performer from Fontaine, Lyney wields a unique water-based polearm. Her attacks create swirling water vortexes that damage enemies while simultaneously healing her team.

4. Lyney (Cryo)

Another version of Lyney, this time from Snezhnaya, commands the power of ice. Her cryo-infused polearm attacks freeze enemies in place, making them vulnerable to follow-up attacks.

5. Yelan (Hydro)

A mysterious and enigmatic figure, Yelan wields a bow and the element of Hydro. Her abilities allow her to deal massive damage with her charged attacks while also providing her team with valuable buffs.

Impact on the Meta

The introduction of these new characters is expected to shake up the current Genshin Impact meta in several ways:

  • Heizou and Shikanoin Heizou bring strong Anemo and Pyro DPS options to the game, offering alternatives to existing characters like Xiao and Diluc.
  • Lyney (Hydro) provides a unique support role, combining damage with healing capabilities, potentially revolutionizing the way teams are built.
  • Yelan is a versatile character with exceptional damage output and support abilities, making her a valuable addition to any team composition.

Genshin Impact’s 4.8 summer event promises to bring a wealth of new and exciting content to the game, with the addition of these leaked characters being a major highlight. Their unique abilities and playstyles will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the meta, offering players fresh and innovative ways to experience the world of Teyvat. As we eagerly await the official announcement of these characters, let us speculate and theorize about their potential in shaping the future of Genshin Impact.

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