Glen Schofield’s New Horror Project: Exciting Times for Fans

Glen Schofields New Horror Project

Glen Schofield, the creative mind behind Dead Space and former CEO of Sledgehammer Games, has recently hinted that he is working on something new and exciting in gaming. With his previous successes in the horror genre, fans are eagerly anticipating Schofield’s next project.

Glen Schofield’s Background

Glen Schofield's Background

Glen Schofield’s career in gaming began at Visceral Games, where he worked as a game designer on Army of Darkness: Defense. His big break came when he joined Sledgehammer Games as the studio’s first hire. During his time at Sledgehammer Games, Schofield served many roles including Senior Game Designer and Vice President.

It was during Schofield’s tenure at Sledgehammer Games that he worked on Dead Space, which would go on to become one of the most successful horror franchises in gaming history. After leaving Sledgehammer Games in 2015, Schofield went on to found Striking Distance Studios, the developer behind The Callisto Protocol.

While The Callisto Protocol received mixed reviews from critics and fans alike, many were quick to point out that the game marked a return to form for Glen Schofield in terms of his expertise in horror gaming. With Schofield reportedly taking a break from game development after The Callisto Protocol’s release, many are eagerly anticipating what the famed horror game creator will come up with next.

Recent Developments

Just recently, Glen Schofield took to social media to share some exciting news with his fans. In a post on Twitter, Schofield announced that he is indeed working on something new and exciting in gaming, and that fans can expect more details about the project after the New Year.

In another post on Twitter, Schofield shared some additional insights into his upcoming gaming project, and what fans can look forward to. According to Schofield, the new gaming project is going to be a “big departure” from anything he has worked on before in terms of genre and gameplay mechanics. However, despite being a departure from Schofield’s previous work, the creator assures fans that the upcoming gaming project will still be very much in line with his expertise and passion for horror gaming.


Glen Schofield’s career in gaming has been nothing short of impressive, with his work on Dead Space helping to kick off a major franchise in gaming. With his recent hints about working on something new and exciting in gaming, fans are eagerly anticipating what the famed horror game creator will come up with next. Whether it be a return to form for Schofield in terms of horror gaming, or a bold departure into uncharted territory for the creator, one thing is for sure: Glen Schofield’s upcoming gaming project is sure to be an exciting and intriguing development for fans of the famed horror game creator.

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