What’s Coming in Sea of Thieves Season 11

Sea of Thieves season 11

Sea of Thieves Season 11 is just around the corner, and players are eagerly anticipating the new content that will be arriving with it. In a recent video released by the developers, fans got a sneak peek at the exciting features and updates coming their way. With concerns about the game’s future lingering in the air, this new season aims to reinvigorate the player base and attract new adventurers to the open seas.

Here’s a rundown of what players can expect in Sea of Thieves Season 11:

sea of thieves season 11
  • Diving: One of the most significant gameplay changes is the addition of diving. This feature allows players to fast-travel underwater, enabling them to reach their objectives more quickly. While diving cuts down on travel time and reduces the risk of encountering other players on the way, there’s a catch: any loot a ship may be carrying will be lost if the crew decides to dive. This adds an extra layer of strategy and risk management to the game.
  • New Apparel and Weaponry: Along with the diving mechanic, players can look forward to a variety of new apparel and weaponry options. These additions will not only enhance the visual customization of pirates and ships but also provide new tools for players to utilize during their adventures.
  • Updates to the Quest System and Progression: The quest system in Sea of Thieves is getting a revamp with Season 11. The new quest menu features a Discovery tab, where players are suggested quests and voyages based on their progression. Trading Companies, which previously offered limited voyages, have been rebalanced and now provide exclusive loot for those who embark on their voyages. Additionally, players can now level up with Trading Companies up to level 100, with a special reward awaiting those who reach this milestone.
  • Fresh Appearance Items and Rewards: Season 11 brings a plethora of new appearance items for pirates and ships. From iconic outfits to unique ship cosmetics, players will have even more options to showcase their individuality on the high seas. Furthermore, there will be 100 new levels of rewards to unlock, ensuring that players have plenty of goals to strive for as they progress through the season.

With all these exciting changes on the horizon, Sea of Thieves Season 11 aims to give players more control and variety in their Sea of Thieves experience. However, some concerns have been raised regarding the introduction of diving.

Some players worry that this new mechanic may overshadow sailing, which has always been a core aspect of the game. The possibility of bloodthirsty ships suddenly appearing in close proximity to unsuspecting players has sparked discussions about balancing the gameplay.

On the flip side, proponents argue that the risk of losing loot while diving will deter attackers, as they would need to carefully time their assaults to maximize their gains. Time will tell whether diving proves to be a welcome addition or a contentious one among the Sea of Thieves community.

Despite the uncertainties surrounding certain gameplay changes, the buzz and anticipation surrounding Sea of Thieves Season 11 are undeniably good. With a new competitor, Skull and Bones, on the horizon, it’s crucial that Sea of Thieves remains fresh and engaging to maintain its dedicated player base and attract new adventurers to its immersive world of pirates and plunder.


When does Sea of Thieves Season 11 start?

Season 11 is set to begin on January 23.

Will diving completely replace sailing in Sea of Thieves?

No, diving is an additional mechanic that allows players to travel underwater more quickly. Sailing is still an integral part of the game.

What rewards can players expect to unlock in Season 11

Sea of Thieves Season 11 introduces 100 new levels of rewards, including wearable rings for pirates and a variety of new appearance items for both pirates and ships.

Are there any major changes to the quest system in Season 11?

Yes, the quest system has been revamped with the addition of a Discovery tab. Players will now receive suggestions for quests and voyages based on their progression.

Which Trading Companies have been rebalanced in Season 11?

All Trading Companies have been rebalanced and offer exclusive loot for those who undertake their voyages.

What are the concerns surrounding the diving mechanic in Sea of Thieves Season 11?

Some players are worried that diving may overshadow sailing and introduce imbalances in player encounters, while others argue that the risk of losing loot while diving serves as a deterrent for attackers.

Is Sea of Thieves still popular despite the challenges it faced in 20

Despite the challenges, Sea of Thieves continues to have a strong following. The game’s community podcast has teased big changes for Season 11, generating excitement among fans.

What is the new competitor, Skull and Bones, that will be entering the market?

Skull and Bones is an upcoming pirate-themed video game that will offer its own take on the open-world pirate genre.

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