A Comprehensive Guide to Utilizing Destiny 2 Offerings in Season 22

Destiny 2 continues its journey of immersive gameplay and rich narratives in Season 22, aptly named “Season of the Witch”. At the forefront of this season’s experiences lie Destiny 2 Offerings, powerful tools that Guardians must harness to fortify their allies and progress in the game’s epic tale.

Dive into our exhaustive guide to learn how to maximize the potential of these Offerings.

Understanding the Essence of Offerings

In the unfolding saga of “Season of the Witch”, Eris Morn stands poised to ascend to unparalleled power, aiming to seize the mantle of the Hive god of vengeance. As the narrative progresses, it becomes evident that the Offerings play an essential role in her ascension.

Key Activities Featuring Offerings:

  • Savathun’s Spire: This activity, steeped in mystery and intrigue, beckons Guardians to engage in complex challenges. The judicious use of Destiny 2 Offerings here can unlock a myriad of rewards and advantages for the player.
  • Altars of Summoning: As the name suggests, these altars are focal points where Guardians can harness the essence of Offerings. Here, they get the opportunity to convert their collected Offerings into tantalizing loot.

The Diversity of Destiny 2 Offerings

Not all Offerings are made equal. There are distinct variations, each affecting gameplay in its unique way. Let’s delve into the intricacies of these categories:

1. Feeble Offerings

These are the basic tier of Destiny 2 Offerings, providing a foundational advantage in encounters. While they might not yield the highest rewards, they are more accessible, allowing for consistent progression.

2. Robust Offerings

A step above their Feeble counterparts, Robust Offerings offer enhanced benefits during gameplay. Players leveraging these can expect moderately challenging encounters and correspondingly better rewards.

3. Powerful Offerings

The epitome of potency, Powerful Offerings are the game-changers of Season 22. Harnessing these can pave the way for the most challenging yet rewarding experiences in the game.

Strategies for Acquiring More Destiny 2 Offerings

Offerings are the lifeblood of this season, and increasing their inflow is of paramount importance. Below are tried and tested methods to boost your Offering collection:

  • Engage in Core Activities: Regularly participating in playlists, Dungeons, Raids, Nightfalls, and the Trials of Osiris can be a steady source of Offerings.
  • Leverage the “Exhumed Excess” Perk: Season 22 armor comes with a unique perk – Exhumed Excess. Guardians should aim to equip this perk whenever possible, as it significantly enhances the chances of acquiring Offerings.


As the saga of the “Season of the Witch” unfolds in Destiny 2, the power and potential of Destiny 2 Offerings become evident. These mystical items, intricately woven into the tapestry of the game’s narrative, hold the key to progression and success. By understanding their nuances and mastering the strategies to acquire and deploy them, Guardians can hope to dominate in Season 22 and achieve unparalleled feats. The cosmos awaits your prowess!


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