Destiny 2 The Final Shape Expansion: Overview of Returning Exotic Weapons

Destiny 2 has been a game that’s always kept its players on their toes. With every expansion, it brings a whirlwind of excitement, and Destiny 2 The Final Shape is no exception. In this addition to the Destiny universe, players can expect the return of some cherished Exotic weapons from the original game, each with their unique twists. In this article, we will delve deeper into these weapons, their capabilities, and what players can expect.

Dragon’s Breath: From Flames to Fiery Solar Power

The Dragon’s Breath, a standout rocket launcher from the original Destiny, is making a dramatic comeback. Its inherent Solar damage made it a favorite among many. With “The Final Shape,” this Exotic rocket launcher is predicted to harness even more power through Destiny 2’s new Solar abilities.

The Dragon’s Breath, with its recent update, now mirrors some characteristics of Shadowkeep’s Deathbringer. Notably, it is capable of releasing Solar napalm projectiles. What makes it even more intriguing is that these projectiles can be either manually triggered or released upon impact. Coupled with the new Solar 3.0 Subclass perks, players are in for a fiery treat.

Khovostov Auto Rifle: The Hunt for the Exotic Variant

Another notable return is the Khovostov auto rifle. This weapon is unique as it can be tailored to different firing modes and RPMs (Rounds Per Minute). But there’s a catch – to get the Exotic variant of Khovostov, players will need to embark on a scavenger hunt.

Recognizable by both newbies and Destiny veterans, the Khovostov is a kinetic auto rifle. Its ability to shift between various firing modes and RPMs sets it apart. The pursuit for its Exotic variant promises to be an engaging and rewarding one.

Red Death: A Kinetic Pulse Rifle with a Healing Touch

The Red Death is not just any pulse rifle. Its healing abilities post-kills make it a unique weapon in Destiny’s arsenal. After a successful kill, players can enjoy a temporary boost in reload speed, setting the stage for a rapid and relentless assault.

Given the current dominance of Exotic pulse rifles like the Graviton Lance in Destiny 2’s Lightfall era, especially in Player vs. Player (PvP) scenarios, the introduction of Red Death promises to shake things up. The anticipation is particularly high for its performance in Trials of Osiris and Competitive Crucible. While it may lack Elemental damage, its healing abilities make it a formidable choice, not just in PvP but also in Player vs. Environment (PvE) scenarios.

Platform Availability: Play on Your Preferred Device

For those who are eager to dive into “The Final Shape expansion” and experience these Exotic weapon revivals firsthand, Destiny 2 is available on a range of platforms. Whether you’re a PC enthusiast, dedicated to your PS4 or PS5, or an Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S aficionado, the game has got you covered.

Conclusion: A Promising Destiny 2 The Final Shape

“The Final Shape” promises an expansion rich in nostalgia, innovation, and exhilarating challenges. With the return of iconic weapons like the Dragon’s Breath, Khovostov, and Red Death, players are in for an engaging and rewarding gaming experience. Dive in, explore, and may your quest for Exotic weapons be a successful one!

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