Unlock Fortnite Free Lego Skin: Epic x LEGO Collaboration Details

fortnite free lego skin

Fortnite’s exciting collaboration with Lego has introduced a captivating freebie for fans. This collaboration involves the unveiling of “Lego Fortnite,” a new open-world survival crafting game within Fortnite. As a part of this collaboration, players who link their free Lego Insider account with their Epic account are rewarded with a unique Fortnite free lego skin for Battle Royale​.

fornite lego outfit

This special skin, named “Explorer Emilie,” is versatile and can be used in both the Battle Royale and other Creative modes of Fortnite. Additionally, it also includes a Lego version specifically for Lego Fortnite. This initiative provides an excellent opportunity for new players to acquire a skin without any cost. This offer is one of two free Fortnite skins currently available, the other being the Runway Racer outfit, which can be earned by gaining 50 account levels before the year’s end​.

The Explorer Emilie skin, although not immediately available, will be accessible once Lego Fortnite launches on December 7. Players can already complete the necessary steps to obtain this skin, and it will automatically appear in their locker as soon as it becomes available. More than 1200 existing Fortnite skins will also have corresponding Lego versions in this new format​.

Beyond this, Fortnite Chapter 5 brings significant expansions, including new game modes like Rocket Racing, an arcade-style racing game, and Fortnite Festival, a rhythm game. The introduction of a new island featuring a rideable train and a diverse range of skins through collaborations with popular franchises like Family Guy and Metal Gear Solid further enhances the game’s appeal​.

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