Stepping into the Shoes of the Greek God of War: How to Obtain the Ares Skin in Fortnite

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Intrigued by Fortnite’s newest Point of Interest (POI), the Brawler’s Battleground? Have you felt the thrill of battling Ares, the Greek god of war? If so, you’re likely wondering how you can acquire the much sought-after Ares skin, enabling you to fully embody the character without having to consistently spar with the Olympian boss every time you want a glimpse of him. If this strikes a chord, you’re in the right place! We’re about to tell you exactly how you can get your hands on the Ares skin, and it may not be what you’d expect from a season steeped in Myths & Monsters.

Key Takeaways

  • Fortnite’s latest POI, Brawler’s Battleground, features a challenge against Ares, the Greek god of war.
  • The Ares skin, a popular item, allows players to embody the character without engaging in repeated battles.
  • You can get the Ares Skin through the Fortnite Item Shop, instead of through the conventional seasonal mechanics.

Channeling the Power of the Greek God of War

Introduced in late November 2021, the Ares skin instantly captivated Fortnite players. As part of the Warrior’s Lore set, this skin boasts an impressive gold-and-red design. To feel the excitement firsthand, check out this image.

ares skin

Walking in Ares’ Footsteps: Obtaining the Skin

If you’re eager to embody Ares, you simply need to visit the Fortnite Item Shop. Despite what one might expect from a chapter titled Myths & Monsters, you won’t need to defeat Ares at Brawler’s Battleground or achieve a specific seasonal goal to claim the skin. Instead, it’s retailing for 1,200 V-Bucks.

Remember, you can acquire V-Bucks in a few ways – by exchanging real money, earning them through gameplay, or completing specific challenges. You might have some luck with Fortnite’s Save the World mode or by completing Battle Pass Challenges.

Strategies for Earning V-Bucks

Given the importance of gathering V-Bucks to obtain the coveted Ares skin, we’ve compiled a few helpful strategies to aid you on your virtual journey.



What makes the Ares skin among players?

The combination of its distinctive design and association with the Warrior’s Lore set has driven the popularity of the Ares skin.

What’s the cost of Ares Skin in real-world currency?

The Ares skin retails for 1,200 V-Bucks. The real currency equivalent depends on how you acquire V-Bucks, as they can be purchased, won through gameplay, or earned from completing challenges.

Is the Ares Skin permanently available in the Item Shop?

The availability of skins in the Fortnite Item Shop is often rotated, so the presence of the Ares skin is not guaranteed indefinitely

With the secret to obtaining the Ares skin now unveiled, why wait? Jump into Fortnite and prepare to walk in the shoes of the Greek god of war!

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