Gen 9 Best Pokemon: Guide

gen 9 best pokemon
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The ninth generation of Pokémon has brought a plethora of new creatures into the Pokémon universe. With new abilities, typings, and stats, trainers around the world are eager to find out which of these new Pokémon are the best to add to their teams.

This article aims to provide an in-depth analysis of the Gen 9 best Pokemon, based on various factors such as base stats, abilities, and overall utility in battles.

Base Stats: The Foundation of a Strong Pokémon

What are Base Stats?

Base stats are numerical values that indicate a Pokémon’s inherent strengths and weaknesses.

These stats are crucial for determining how a Pokémon will perform in battles.

Health Points
Physical damage output
Physical damage resistance
Sp. Atk
Special damage output
Sp. Def
Special damage resistance
Turn order in battles

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Top Gen 9 Best Pokemon Based on Base Stats

  1. Dragapult – A Dragon/Ghost type with high Speed and Attack.
  2. Corviknight – Known for its high Defense and versatility.
  3. Toxapex – A defensive wall with incredible staying power.

For a deeper dive into base stats, you can watch this video:

Abilities: The Hidden Potential

What are Abilities?

Abilities in Pokémon provide passive effects that can turn the tide of battle.

Some abilities like “Intimidate” lower the opponent’s Attack stat, while others like “Levitate” grant immunity to Ground-type moves.

Notable Abilities in Gen 9

  1. Protean Meowscarada – Changes its type to match the move it’s about to use.
  2. Unaware Skeledirge – Ignores the opponent’s stat changes.
  3. Moxie Quaquaval – Increases Attack after knocking out an opponent.

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Type: The Elemental Advantage

Importance of Type for Gen 9 Best Pokemon

The type of a Pokémon determines its strengths and weaknesses and the effectiveness of its moves.

A well-chosen type can give you a significant advantage in battles.

Best Type Combinations in Gen 9

  1. Dragon/Fairy – Resistant to many types and only weak to Steel.
  2. Fire/Electric – Covers a wide range of offensive and defensive options.
  3. Water/Steel – Highly defensive with only a few weaknesses.

For more on typing, you can watch this video:

Team Synergy: The Art of Composition

What is Team Synergy?

Team synergy refers to how well the Pokémon on your team work together.

A team with good synergy will have Pokémon that cover each other’s weaknesses and enhance each other’s strengths.

Tips for Building a Synergistic Team

  1. Balance Types – Make sure to have a variety of types to cover weaknesses.
  2. Role Distribution – Have Pokémon dedicated to specific roles like attacker, defender, and supporter.
  3. Ability and Move Synergy – Choose abilities and moves that complement each other.

For more tips on team building, you can watch this video:

Move Sets: The Key to Victory

What are Move Sets?

A Pokémon’s move set is a collection of moves it can use in battle.

A well-crafted move set can make even a Pokémon with mediocre stats a formidable opponent.

Best Move Sets for Gen 9 Pokémon

  1. Dragapult – Dragon Darts, Phantom Force, U-turn, and Shadow Ball.
  2. Corviknight – Brave Bird, Iron Head, Roost, and U-turn.
  3. Toxapex – Scald, Recover, Toxic Spikes, and Haze.

For an in-depth look at move sets, you can watch this video:

Competitive Scene: The Meta Game

What is the Meta Game?

The meta game refers to the current state of competitive Pokémon battling, including which Pokémon, moves, and strategies are most effective.

Dominant Pokémon in the Gen 9 Meta

  1. Dragapult – Its high speed and versatile move set make it a top pick.
  2. Toxapex – A defensive wall that can set up Toxic Spikes.
  3. Corviknight – A bulky Pokémon that can serve as a Defogger.

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Breeding: The Path to Perfection

What is Pokémon Breeding?

Breeding in Pokémon involves producing offspring with desired traits, such as specific abilities or IVs, by pairing two compatible Pokémon in the Nursery.

Tips for Successful Breeding

  1. Use Destiny Knot – Passes down 5 IVs from the parents.
  2. Everstone – Passes down the Nature of the parent holding it.
  3. Ability Capsule – Changes a Pokémon’s ability.

For more tips on breeding, you can watch this video:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Gen 9 Pokémon for competitive play?

  • Dragapult, Toxapex, and Corviknight are currently dominating the meta.

How do I breed for perfect IVs?

  • Use a Destiny Knot and an Everstone to pass down IVs and Nature, respectively.

What are some hidden gems in Gen 9?

  • Pokémon like Protean Meowscarada and Unaware Skeledirge have unique abilities that can surprise opponents.

We’ve covered a wide range of topics, from base stats and abilities to move sets and the competitive scene. We hope this guide on Gen 9 Best Pokemon, helps you in your journey to become a Pokémon Master! To find the fastest Pokemon, check out our article.

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