metroid prime 2 remastered

Metroid Prime 2 Remastered: All You Need to Know

Exciting rumors are afoot! Reports suggest that the highly-anticipated sequel, Metroid Prime 2 Remastered, is in active development for the Nintendo Switch, and is likely to hit the market sooner than expected. Building on the enormous success of Metroid Prime Remastered, this news has stirred immense anticipation among Nintendo fans across the globe.

A Glance at Metroid Prime Trilogy on Nintendo Switch

The Metroid Prime series, an integral part of Nintendo’s portfolio, has always been revered for its cutting-edge gameplay and riveting storyline. Initially launched on the Nintendo GameCube and later re-released on Wii in a trilogy format, the Metroid Prime series marked the franchise’s successful transition to 3D gaming.

The recent surprise launch of Metroid Prime Remastered on Nintendo Switch came as a delightful shock for fans, further reviving the interest in this iconic series. The remaster boasted enhanced controls and impressive visual upgrades, with over a million copies sold within just a month of its release.

With such a resounding success under its belt, it seems only natural for Nintendo to continue the momentum with Metroid Prime 2 Remastered.

Metroid Prime 2 Remastered: Expectations and Predictions

Renowned gaming insider, Jeff Grubb, asserts that Metroid Prime 2 Remastered is indeed in the works and is poised to launch “relatively soonish”. It is expected that this sequel will incorporate modern controls and HD visuals to match the gaming landscape of today. However, it is worth noting that while the game will see some improvements, it may not receive the same level of polish as its predecessor.

Grubb also suggested that while Nintendo is expected to focus on enhancing Metroid Prime 2 Remastered, it might not receive the same level of attention as the first remastered edition. This speculation aligns with the fact that the original Metroid Prime required more substantial updates due to its age. As a result, Metroid Prime 2 Remastered may already have an advantage in terms of required enhancements.

The Impact on Metroid Prime 4

It is noteworthy that while Metroid Prime 2 Remastered is in development, Nintendo is concurrently working on Metroid Prime 4, adding more excitement to the Metroid Prime universe. It would be a strategic move for Nintendo to release fully updated versions of the previous titles before the new installment hits the market. This would not only help keep the interest of fans alive but also allow new players to get acquainted with the Metroid Prime universe.

Preparing for Metroid Prime 2 Remastered

While the news of Metroid Prime 2 Remastered’s development has stirred significant excitement among fans, it’s crucial to remember that these are still unconfirmed reports. Nonetheless, given the success of Metroid Prime Remastered and the enduring popularity of the Metroid Prime series, it seems highly plausible that Nintendo would invest in the remaster of this fan-favorite sequel.


The potential return to the riveting world of Metroid Prime holds immense promise. Whether you’re a veteran fan or a newcomer to this universe, the possible release of Metroid Prime 2 Remastered is an exciting prospect to look forward to.

So, gear up for another adventurous journey with Samus Aran as we await the arrival of Metroid Prime 2 Remastered on the Nintendo Switch. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development!