Comprehensive Guide to Skyrim Quarried Stone

Skyrim, a game rich in lore and filled with various resources, offers players a unique experience with its Hearthfire DLC. One of the intriguing materials introduced in this DLC is the Skyrim Quarried Stone. This guide aims to provide an in-depth look into what Quarried Stone is, where to find it, and how to use it effectively in your Skyrim adventures.

What is Skyrim Quarried Stone?

Definition and Properties

Skyrim Quarried Stone is a unique building material introduced in Skyrim’s Hearthfire DLC. Unlike other ores and minerals found in the game, Quarried Stone has a specific purpose: it is essential for building and upgrading homes. It’s a resource that you’ll want to hoard rather than sell, as it has limited but crucial applications.

In-Game Importance

The Skyrim Quarried Stone is used primarily for constructing and upgrading player-built homes. These homes are part of the Hearthfire DLC and are located in various Holds. To even have the option to buy these homes, players must first complete tasks for the Jarl of the respective Hold.

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Where to Find Skyrim Quarried Stone

Homestead Locations

Each player-built home in Skyrim comes with a small crafting area equipped with a Drafting Table, Carpenter’s Workbench, and a chest. Quarried Stone is often found in these chests, and its quantity is the same regardless of which homestead you choose.

Mining Stone Quarries

Apart from the chests near homesteads, Quarried Stone can also be mined from various quarries scattered throughout Skyrim. Some of the easiest quarries to locate are near each homestead. For instance, Heljarchen Hall’s Stone Quarry is right next to the Carpenter’s table, and Lakeview Manor’s is next to the Smelter.

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How to Use Skyrim Quarried Stone

Crafting and Upgrading Homes

Once you’ve acquired Quarried Stone, head over to the Carpenter’s Workbench at your homestead. Here, you’ll use the stone for various blueprints chosen at the Drafting Table. Not all upgrades require Quarried Stone, but it’s a crucial resource for foundational work.

Inventory Management

Managing your Quarried Stone inventory is essential. If you own multiple homesteads, you can use the resources from the ones you aren’t developing to speed up construction on your primary residence.

Quick Facts

Building and Upgrading Homes
Homesteads, Stone Quarries
Mining Tool

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Alternative Methods for Acquiring Quarried Stone

Using the Developer Console

For players who don’t want to spend time mining, there’s an alternative available only on PC: the Skyrim Command Console. This tool allows players to spawn items, including Quarried Stone. To access the Developer Console, press the tilde key (~). Then, type the following command to get Quarried Stone:

Player.AddItem XX00306C #

Replace the # with the number of Quarried Stone you want. Note that the XX in the item code may vary depending on your game version.

Tables: Developer Console Commands

Player.AddItem XX00306C #
Spawns Quarried Stone
Opens Developer Console

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Tips and Tricks for Efficient Mining

Equip the Right Tools

Make sure to have a Pickaxe in your inventory for mining. You can find pickaxes in various locations around Skyrim, particularly near mines and caves.

Speed Up the Process

If you want to skip the lengthy mining animation, equip the Pickaxe and start swinging at the Quarry. This method is much faster and can save you a lot of time.

Tables: Tips for Efficient Mining

Equip Pickaxe
Necessary for mining
Swing Pickaxe
Faster than the mining animation

External Link: Reddit Discussion on Efficient Mining

This guide should cover all you need to know about Skyrim Quarried Stone. From its uses in homebuilding to where you can find it and how to mine it efficiently, you’re now equipped with the knowledge to make the most out of this unique resource.

Happy building!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Quarried Stone used for?

Quarried Stone is primarily used for building and upgrading homes in Skyrim, specifically the ones you can build yourself as part of the Hearthfire DLC.

Where can I find Quarried Stone?

You can find Quarried Stone in chests near each homestead’s Drafting Table and Carpenter’s Workshop, as well as in Stone Quarries throughout Skyrim.

Can I buy Quarried Stone?

No, Quarried Stone must be mined or found in chests near homesteads. It is not available for purchase.

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