Starfield 2024 Update: Numerous Refinements

starfield 2024 update

Bethesda’s space epic, Starfield, has launched its most substantial Starfield 2024 update this year, marking a significant milestone in the game’s evolution. This update isn’t just a routine patch; it’s a leap forward, addressing critical bugs and enhancing the game’s visual appeal. Starfield’s journey has been a stellar one, and this latest update is set to rocket the game into a new orbit of gaming experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Major Improvements: The Starfield 2024 update introduces significant enhancements to textures, lighting, and shadows, alongside vital fixes for issues like save game corruption and the quirky asteroid pets.
  • Beta Testing: Initiated on January 18, 2024, on Steam, the update has now been rolled out across PC and Xbox platforms, marking a significant step in Bethesda’s 2024 roadmap for Starfield.
  • Community Response: Despite mixed initial reviews, the Starfield community recognizes the game’s untapped potential, particularly praising its gunplay and ship builder mechanics.

The latest patch, known as Starfield Update, was eagerly anticipated by the gaming community. Bethesda didn’t disappoint, delivering a comprehensive update that addressed a wide array of issues while also bringing in graphical enhancements to further immerse players in the vastness of space.

From fixing the perpetual slumber of characters in third-person view to squashing the amusing yet pesky bug of asteroids tailing spaceships, this update has it all. It’s not just about fixes; it’s about refinement. Shadows cast on characters, reflections on water bodies, and the overall reduction in visual artifacts significantly elevate the visual fidelity of the game.

The Starfield 2024 update isn’t just a technical retouch; it’s a reaffirmation of Bethesda’s commitment to the Starfield universe. With over 250 dedicated employees and a promise of regular patch updates, the future of Starfield looks brighter than a supernova. The teased “alternate way of travel” has the community buzzing with excitement, eagerly awaiting the next big reveal.

Starfield 2024 Update Notes

Fixes and Improvements
– Fixed player character’s eyes remaining closed instead of blinking in third person view.
– Addressed rare cases where small animation pops could be seen in third person.
– Fixed incorrectly invisible creatures on some planets.
– Fixed an issue causing some enemies to stand instead of falling to the ground.
– Fixed crew members and companions positioning near the cockpit after fast traveling to the ship.
– Fixed a possible control-lock when talking to a companion without entering a dialogue while exiting the ship.
– Addressed a crash when changing from Fullscreen to Windowed mode (PC).
– Fixed an issue preventing Windows users from saving if their username had certain characters (PC).
– Fixed rare save game corruptions on PC (MSS and Steam).
– … (And other general improvements and fixes)
– Improved widescreen support (32:9, 21:9, 16:10).
– Added support for stars displaying sun disk geometry.
– Improved eyes and skin on crowd characters.
– … (And other graphics improvements and fixes)
– Fixed a rare missing terrain issue after fast traveling to an outpost near New Atlantis.
– Fixed an issue causing bulldozed objects to reappear when returning to an outpost.
– … (And other outpost related fixes)
– Fixed a rare issue that could cause the Phased Time power to remain enabled.
– Fixed the extreme speed that could occur in zero G when using the Phased Time power.
– Solar Flare Power now accounts for critical hits.
– Fixed missing slate in the safe in “Absolute Power” quest.
– Fixed possible control-lock in “Background Checks” quest.
– … (And other quest and random encounter related fixes)
– Fixed an issue causing an asteroid to follow a ship in space.
– Fixed ship hatch being marked inaccessible after swapping to a new home ship.
– … (And other ships and customization related fixes)
– REJUVENATION: Fixed VFX replay issue when handscanner is opened in third person.
– SURVEYING: Fixed surveying challenge progress issue with mineral resource.
– TARGETING CONTROL SYSTEMS: Fixed inconsistencies with level 3 and 4.
– Fixed incorrect reload amounts with Trauma Pack.
– Fixed FOV and zoom issues with weapon scopes.
– … (And other weapons and items related fixes)

Starfield 2024 Update is not just a patch; it’s a testament to Bethesda’s dedication to crafting an unparalleled gaming experience.

As the stars align for Starfield 2024 Update, the community watches with bated breath, ready to embark on the next chapter of this interstellar adventure. The journey through the Settled Systems is far from over, and if this update is anything to go by, it’s only going to get more thrilling.

starfield update


What major issues does the Starfield 2024 Update address?

  • The update fixes critical issues such as save game corruption, graphical artifacts, and the humorous yet bothersome bug of asteroids following the player’s ship.

How has the community responded to the update?

  • The Starfield community has acknowledged the significant improvements, especially in terms of graphics and bug fixes, recognizing the game’s potential despite its mixed initial reception.

What does the future hold for Starfield post this update?

  • Bethesda has promised a regular patch cadence and with over 250 employees still committed to the game, fans can expect more exciting updates, including the much-anticipated “alternate way of travel.”

Ready to explore the vast cosmos of Starfield with this new update? The universe awaits, and the stars have never looked clearer!

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