Starfield’s Best Early Game Weapon: Easy Find

In the fascinating cosmos of Bethesda’s Starfield, players are thrust into an intricate tapestry of spacefaring adventures and celestial conflicts. While the game is brimming with high-tech artillery and futuristic munitions, one of Starfield’s best early game weapon steals the limelight—the Cutter. Originally a mining implement, the Cutter has ascended beyond its intended use to become one of the most reliable and effective weapons during the game’s initial stages. In this in-depth analysis, we’ll delve into why the Cutter should be your go-to choice when starting your journey in Starfield.

The Cutter: A Miner’s Tool Turned Lethal Weapon

One of the first items players come across in Starfield is a seemingly innocuous device used for mining mineral deposits—known as the Cutter. Despite its initial presentation as a tool for resource extraction, the Cutter is anything but a one-trick pony. Employing concentrated lasers, the Cutter not only mines minerals efficiently but also doubles as an effective combat weapon. While the Cutter’s beam may not initially appear potent, its ability to rapidly drain enemy health is nothing short of remarkable.

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Starfield’s Best Early Game Weapon: Advantages of the Cutter in Combat

In combat, the Cutter provides players with distinct advantages that far surpass the early-game alternatives:

Unlimited Ammunition

The Cutter’s most outstanding feature is its unlimited ammunition, constrained only by its regenerative battery. This eliminates the need for players to ration ammo or make emergency supply runs, thus providing continuous, unhindered gameplay. Making it really Starfield’s best early game weapon.

Quick Health Drain

Despite its seemingly weak beam, the Cutter excels in inflicting rapid, incremental damage on enemies. A well-aimed headshot can even incapacitate early-game adversaries in mere seconds.

Versatile Perk Compatibility

Interestingly, the Cutter can be further improved by investing in specific perks. Both the Lasers and Heavy Weapons Certification perks contribute to elevating its damage, making it even more formidable in the field.

Accessibility: Cutter’s Wide Availability

The Cutter’s prevalence in the game’s economic ecosystem adds another layer of convenience. Players can easily acquire this versatile tool from general goods vendors or arms dealers. Better yet, the Cutter is often handed to players early on, requiring minimal effort to obtain and maintain.

Limitations and Longevity

While the Cutter is exceptionally potent during Starfield’s initial planets, its limitations in range and damage output eventually catch up. Players will eventually encounter more powerful weapons, but for the first few hours, the Cutter is the apex choice.

What is the Cutter in Starfield?

The Cutter is a multi-purpose tool in Starfield, initially designed for mining minerals. However, it also serves as an effective weapon, especially in the early stages of the game.u003cbru003e

Is the Cutter better than other early-game weapons in Starfield?

Yes, the Cutter is widely considered to be the best early-game weapon in Starfield due to its unlimited ammo, rapid health-draining capability, and easy availability.

How do I acquire the Cutter in Starfield?

The Cutter is easily obtainable early in the game. It’s often handed to players during initial gameplay or can be purchased from general goods vendors and arms dealers.

Can the Cutter’s damage be improved?

Absolutely, the Cutter’s effectiveness can be enhanced by investing in the Lasers and Heavy Weapons Certification perks, which significantly boost its damage output.

Are there limitations to using the Cutter?

While the Cutter is potent in the game’s early stages, its short range and lower damage compared to advanced weapons make it less viable as you progress through the game.

What makes the Cutter unique compared to other weapons?

The Cutter’s unlimited ammo and dual functionality—as both a mining tool and a weapon—set it apart from other weapons, making it an invaluable asset in early gameplay.

Is Starfield available on platforms other than PC and Xbox Series X/S?

As of now, Starfield is only available for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

What are the alternatives to the Cutter in Starfield?

Early alternatives to the Cutter include basic firearms like Grendels and Maelstroms, but these require ammo and are generally less effective.

How does the Cutter fit into the overall Starfield experience?

The Cutter adds a layer of strategy and resource management to Starfield, allowing players to focus on exploration and combat without worrying about ammo limitations.

Can I use the Cutter throughout the entire game?

While the Cutter is highly effective early on, players will eventually come across more powerful weapons suitable for advanced stages of the game.


The Starfield’s best early game weapon Cutter’s unique blend of versatility, effectiveness, and accessibility makes it an unparalleled choice for early-game advancement in Starfield. From its initial role as a mineral mining tool to its secondary function as a reliable weapon, the Cutter proves to be indispensable for any player looking to maximize their initial success in this expansive space odyssey.

Starfield is now available for PC and Xbox Series X/S, offering an experience filled with captivating narratives and dynamic gameplay. Make the most of your interstellar journey by harnessing the power of the Cutter—the ultimate early-game weapon in Starfield.

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