Genshin Impact Version 4.1: Leak Reveals World Boss

The world of Genshin Impact continues to expand and evolve, offering players new experiences and challenges. Genshin Impact Version 4.1 is no exception, bringing with it a wealth of content that promises to elevate the gameplay experience. Let’s dive into the details.

The Majestic Millennial Pearl Seahorse

The spotlight of Genshin Impact Version 4.1 is undoubtedly the introduction of the Millennial Pearl Seahorse, a new World Boss that is bound to test the mettle of every Traveler. This imposing boss integrates a unique mechanism:

  • Elemental Reactions: The Millennial Pearl Seahorse harnesses the power of Elemental Reactions, making it pivotal for players to strategically utilize their character’s abilities to counteract and dominate.
  • Millennial Pearl Mechanic: Intriguingly, the Seahorse’s defensive and offensive capabilities are intrinsically linked to the “Millennial Pearl”. Players will need to decipher its strengths and weaknesses, especially regarding the pearl’s Elemental Reactions.
  • Rewards and Drops: Triumphing against the Seahorse comes with its own set of rewards. Notably, players can acquire the Hearts of Storm when the Seahorse’s Electro is diminished, which subsequently weakens its resistances.

Moreover, adventurers can anticipate the Millennial Pearl Seahorse to make its debut in the Spiral Abyss starting September 27.

New Foes on the Horizon: Seneschals and Local Legends

The expansion doesn’t stop at the Millennial Pearl Seahorse. Players can also expect:

  • Seneschals of Wind and Frost: These formidable foes will demand players to rethink their battle strategies and approach combat scenarios with renewed vigor.
  • Local Legend Mini-Bosses: A set of five distinct mini-bosses are set to challenge the players, each offering unique combat dynamics and prized loot.

Dive into Cultural Celebrations and Events

Version 4.1 isn’t merely about combat; it’s also about immersing oneself in Teyvat’s rich culture. The update celebrates this through:

  • Poetry Festival: Players can experience the artistic side of Teyvat, indulging in poems that narrate the tales of this enchanting world.
  • Fishblasting Extravaganza with Klee: Partner with Klee in this exciting event, which promises both fun and a plethora of rewards.
  • Third Anniversary Login Rewards: As Genshin Impact marks its third anniversary, players are treated to a special login campaign, showering them with gifts and bonuses.

Genshin Impact’s Reach: Platform Availability

For the uninitiated, Genshin Impact is not limited to a single platform. It graces various gaming platforms, ensuring that every gaming enthusiast can partake in its magic. Additionally, fans can eagerly await a Switch version, which is currently under development.


Genshin Impact Version 4.1 is set to offer a buffet of new content, challenges, and experiences. Whether you’re battling the Millennial Pearl Seahorse or participating in the poetry festival, there’s something for every Traveler in this update.

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